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Bat1K is an initiative to sequence the genomes of all living bat species, approximately 1400 species in total. The main goal of this consortium is to uncover the genes and genetic mechanisms behind the unusual adaptations of bats, essentially mine the bat genome to uncover their secrets. Using the newest of our genetic tools, we will deep sequence the blue print and genetic code of every species of bat in the world. It took over 13 years and $3 billion US dollars to sequence the first human genome, and given the great advances in the field it is now much faster and cheaper. We must put these fantastic technological advances to good use and push them to achieve their full potential. Imagine uncovering the secret of longer health-spans, flight, echolocation and disease resistance hidden in the bat genome.

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Bat Facts!

A short animation on just how extraordinary bats are, and how important they are in the optimal functioning of our world.